A menopausal witch. Ugh. And then there’s that awful Scottish dish, Haggis. Blech. I’m with Alicia. I’ll radiate Hagnificance.

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Here's a bit of HAGNIFICENCE I happened upon today from Sarah Gottesdiener, that I'm quoting/paraphrasing (rather badly here, forgive me) because she totally nails the relationship between authenticity and safety, which I think is often a whopper of a GOAL as we get into midlife, but which is also frequently misunderstood...

"The truth is, authentic relationships and love and creativity and innovation and justice and aligning more with your values will not always result in SAFETY. If you define "safety" as comfort, control, fitting in, status quo, and being perceived as “good” at all costs, then no, being authentic may not result in that definition.

However, if you define "safety" as intrinsic, as something fostered within, as a deep connection with your intuition, as a commitment to the truth beyond ego, as inherent self-trust around your values, as knowing you can lean into strength and who truly wants to support you (because you’ve been honest about your needs and non-negotiables) and you can take action from that place, that place is where growth and expansion happens.

The liminal growth zone is not a safe place to be in: it’s the unknown, fraught with uncertainty and mystery. There is no safety in risk, but there are deep doses of trust and faith. Dig deep enough into your roots and resources, and you’ll understand that safety—as we’ve been taught—is an illusion."

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I don't know exactly which archetype... I just wanna radiate HAGNIFICENCE!

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